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— Safe and sound For most, a home represents safety and security. Without a home to go to many young people must trust in unfamiliar institutions and individuals, which can be challenging and frightening. The following activities imaginatively explore what it’s like to feel vulnerable and to be forced to place your trust in others. — Activity Blind walk 1 In pairs, nominate one person to be the Driver and the other to be the Passenger. The Passenger stands in front of the Driver with their eyes shut, while the Driver has their eyes open. The objective is for the Driver to steer the Passenger around the space while keeping them safe from collisions and other hazards. The Driver uses the following signals to direct the Passenger safely: — — Tap the right arm = Turn 90 degrees right — — Tap the left arm = Turn 90 degrees left — — Tap the middle of the back = Stop — — Tap the back of the head = Go 2 Allow both players to experience being the Driver and the Passenger, then discuss how it felt as the Passenger to entrust your safety to someone else, and as the Driver how it felt to be responsible for the other person. — Activity Safe spaces 1 Nominate one player to be the Chaser and another to be the Bulldozer, the rest of the group are the players. Each player places a chair somewhere in the space, facing in any direction. The chairs provide safety for players, but they may only remain on the same chair for five seconds before they must move. 2 Players must try to move between chairs without being caught by the Chaser, whose objective is to tip as many players as they can. Tipped players are out of the game. The Bulldozer’s objective is to turn over empty chairs, reducing the number of available safe places. 3 The game ends when all players have been tipped, there are no more upright chairs left or there is one player sitting in the last remaining chair. 4 Discuss how you felt when you were safe, and contrast this with how you felt when you were vulnerable.