FOCUS Student Magazine Focus April 2013 - Page 9

09 Let’ s see what ARTEPI team has to say: Isabel, Web Team What does ARTEPI mean to you? To me ArtEpi symbolizes a coordinated cluster of ideas and intellectual thoughts with an artistic point to view, working towards the creation of something productive while providing a forum to discuss the main problems our world is going to encounter in the future. When I imagine ArtEpi I envision a brain where the left side is interacting with the right side, utilizing everything creative and functionary to produce something extraordinary. Asya Gyurgancheva, Marketing Team What is the main impact of this project? The main impact of this project is the provocation I imagine it will create. I think our everyday life seriously suffer because of this lack of provocation. “To get to a new place you should take a new path” and sadly I admit the fact that this change doesn’t come to people naturally. Something should provoke them and this project for sure provokes me. Viktorija Jasiuleviciute, Marketing Team What are your expectations in this project? I truly believe that the team of the project is capable of realizing all set goals and expectations, even surpassing them. At the end, ArtEpi is going to become a symbol of something extraordinary – art and science collaboration, tangible proof of how sustainability and innovation can contribute to our future. ArtEpi is like a lab - a room for experimental work. This combined with scientists’ lab will merge two different kinds of languages into a new one. This is what we need - a new specific present language for the future using the past. Writer: Vaida Pakulyte