FOCUS Student Magazine Focus April 2013 - Page 6

06 EDITORIAL On behalf of the team of Focus, I would like to wish you a cheerful spring and we hope you will enjoy this second issue, the student magazine of AU-Herning and TEKO. As previous readers of the magazine will notice, we have made a lot of changes to our design to more accurately reflect our original concept. As this is a new project initiated by volunteer students, we have made everything from scratch. Along the way we have faced many challenges and I’m going to share some of the insight this has brought us. When starting any endeavour I urge you to keep Murphy’s Law on your checklist, because as an avid entrepreneur I’ve learned to trust it as much as I would gravity. What can conceivably go wrong in any project, is likely to manifest at some point and if you’re not prepared, you’ll face challenges at inconvenient junctures. Imagine a best case scenario where your apple tree will have enough fruits left for you to bake a pie at the end of summer (ref. “Adams Æbler”), worst case scenario they’ll drop right on your head as you’re relaxing underneath. The odds of that occurring may be astronomical, yet it does happen and the headache it brings will be even bigger if you don’t have your guard up. The lesson is: Keep your head up, hope for the bes t and be prepared for the worst. That said, there’s not a learning cost that won’t be it’s own weight worth in gold. This is one of those “change your paradigms to be your very best” selfhelp book tips, it’s the all-time positivistic thinking, 21st century zen fulfilment and mindfulness meditation in our hectic modern society type of mindsets. I find it to be absolutely true. Whatever you are doing, always look to where you can personally benefit. Be it money, joy or health, there is something to gain from whatever you are engaged in. Now I’d like to wish you good luck with the projects and exams you are involved in. Also as a reminder in any coming hardships, I’ll be plagiarising an old saying, that’s been rethought for today’s world: “Good things come to those who work their hardest and never give up”. On that note; FOCUS is looking for new members to join our dynamic team and help keep our magazine to high quality and generating fresh content. If you feel like you have something to provide to our friendly team, be it as a journalist, photographer, designer, web-developer or even a comic writer, then please write a motivated application letter along with a CV portraying relevant experience to me (e-mail at bottom of page). Thank you for reading and enjoy the April issue of FOCUS, Student Magazine. Edvard L. Tramsen, Editor & Founder of Focus