FOCUS Student Magazine Focus April 2013 - Page 24

9. Would you say that you have a specific writing style, given the fact that you jumped from novels to something so uncorrelated like a brand book? ‘On the contrary! I think they do have a correlation because a brand book for a football club is about feelings as well. It’s about creating interest, empathy and curiosity all at once and that’s the same thing you aspire to reach when writing a novel.’ 10. Do you see writing as your career then? Or is it something that you hold onto for pleasure? ‘I think writing is something that you do because you just can’t help it. It’s always in the back of your mind, like a tinkling. But for me, it’s definitely not full-time. I write when I have the time or when I stumble upon something that I just really need to put on paper. I very often get inspired by what’s happening in peoples’ lives, and when they tell me their stories, I then steal them and transform them into something totally different.’ 11. Would you say that brand books will be your new niche? Does it inspire you to incorporate your writing style into something else? ‘Well, of course you can say that I incorporated a lot of me into ‘The Complete Person’ too, because it was fun and interesting, but also because I need to be aware that I am evaluated on this. But it was definitely enjoyable, and as long as it continues to be this way, I will keep on doing it. I do have orders for brand books which will take me about a year to write. And this brand book will also have another version actually since we are making an educational material for primary schools based on it. I presented it to a number of school masters who are really much interested in having material like this, which shows that both will and talent are needed to succeed; it will make a very relevant subject among pupils.’