FOCUS Student Magazine Focus April 2013 - Page 23

2. How did this project come up? Were you friends with the director of the academy or did you know someone working there beforehand? ‘No no. I was the one who approached the director of the academy, and we continued to bump into each other until he was convinced that he couldn’t live without this brand book. That’s my approach!’ he laughs. 3. How would you describe this book to someone who has not read it yet? Like me for example… ‘I think I would try to compare it with another brand. If you make a brand book for eco shoes for instance, then the brand book is there to explain the designers what the soul of the brand is, so that when you remove the label, you can still see that it’s an eco shoe. And the comparison is that when you remove the jersey from the academy player, it still needs to be shown and defined in a way that he is from FC Midtjylland. And here is where the brand book comes into play.’ 4. So would you say that the book is realistic? Are experiences based on someone you know? ‘This book is based on interviews taken with the director and the couches of the academy, but also on stories about how the everyday life of the players is. It’s much about how they construct a professional football player in FC Midtjylland and how their successful approach is different from other academies. We could also say that it’s an explanation for other coaches for instance, the amateur ones, on how can they motivate their players, but also how to fight this internal motivation as a basis for improvement, whether you are or not a football player, a designer or whatever.’ 5. Something very catching about this brand book is definitely the imagery. Who did you work with on that? ‘I was in charge with everything in regards to this book, from the layout to the graphics, but I did have a talented and ambitious photographer, Bo Lavindsgaard, who shot the photos. He always tried to improvise with them, but I knew in the end how I wanted them to turn out. He has a very funny look, he’s the exact replica of Arnold Schwarzenegger, only with a lot of tattoos, but he has a v