FOCUS Student Magazine Focus April 2013 - Page 22

22 MIKAEL JENSEN speaking the language of business and sports The Danish smaller towns do not spring to mind when you think of interesting reads, but one of Teko’s highly esteemed business professors, Mr. Mikael Jensen used his creativity and drive, in spite of his modest surroundings, to become an innovative and challenging writer. With his latest up-and-coming brand book, ‘Det Hele Menneske’, or in English ‘The Complete Person’, he is decided to change certain stereotypes about football and give the city’s sport club, FC Midtjylland, the chance to stand out in the crowd. You think you had the man teaching in front of the blackboard all figured out? Think again. 1. First and foremost, what inspired you to write this brand book, ‘The Complete Person’? Have you ever written before? ‘Yes, I have written before, three novels, but that’s just literature. This is my first real brand book, and the ambition was to make Nike embarrassed, so that they would take their brand book off the market!’, Mikael says laughing. ’I always have high ambitions and believe it’s important to have high ambitions in order to reach a good result. I have made a lot of design manuals for several companies, but that’s another angle you take when doing design manuals, not as exciting as when working with human beings and talking brands in that relation.’