FOCUS Student Magazine Focus April 2013 - Page 16

16 MEET THE TALENT Karisha, a versatile & multi-talented student at TEKO who is currently taking her BA in fashion design! Writer & Photographer: Sara Constantinescu I followed her during one of her work days at TEKO, trying to dig deeper into her creative mind and steal some valuable info about her passions, fears and challenges as a student. Here’s what I found out: 1. Her biggest challenge as a fashion student is time-management. 2. Her favourite part about being a designer is the inspiration-seeking process. She also enjoys creating her own signature prints. 3. She finds her motivation during a project by visualizing the final result. 4. She manages to combine work and fun with the help of her best friend, Amalie. 5. Her biggest passions are dancing (hip-hop), painting and fashion design. 6. The hardest thing about living abroad is missing her family, but luckily, they are very supportive with her fashion design education. 7. The future doesn’t scare her, as she has a clear vision of what she wants to do in her up-coming career. “One of my biggest dreams is to go to the US and start my own brand there, which would really allow me to represent my signature style.” 8. Her biggest inspiration is the African culture. “I admire their positive energy, their beauty and their exotic vibe which they bring through their art and culture.”