FOCUS Student Magazine Focus April 2013 - Page 12

12 STUDENT & VOLUNTEER Being a student can be time-consuming, we all know that: all those assignments that seem to reproduce overnight, all those parties that cannot be missed, throw in a part-time job,… Daunting. So why would anyone in his or her right mind join a volunteer organization (of any kind) they get no benefit from? 1. Meeting people “No shit, Sherlock!” some will think, and they are right. But it is not just meeting people, think about networking! Who knows maybe someone in the group has a family member who turns out to be the CEO of Coca-cola! (OK, perhaps not in Herning…). 2. Experience No matter what you join, it will give you a nice amount of experience, like event organisation, communication, leadership,... it is up to you to later market your skills to potential employers. This is the key perk: other activities like sports also expand your network (and fun) but do not improve your future. 3. Having fun Let’s face it, it is fun (most of the time), meeting new people and doing stuff together will at the some point bring some laughter, some celebration,... So there you have it: you meet new people, have fun, expand your network and improve your CV at the same time. Writer & Photographer: Marc Ramos Garzon