Flutter Magazine Issue No. 7 Flutter Magazine Issue No. 7 - Page 66

1. SELECT YOUR MATERIALS It is important to have some really tall branches and greenery to start with for large arrangements. Choose something that has a nice, interesting shape already, not something too stiff or straight. You will also want some big fuller flowers for your focal points, (like roses, dahlias, peonies, amaryllis, etc). And last, select some accent flowers. Maybe these are accents for color, or to break up monotony of big round blooms, so choose something with a different shape. . 2. 3. FILL VASE START BY PUTTING YOUR BRANCHES IN, or urn with a ball of chicken wire. This will hold your flowers in place but still give them a bit of natural room to move. 4. PUT YOUR FOCAL FLOWERS IN. Cluster them, make moments of impact. 5. PUT YOUR DELICATE FLOWERS IN LAST. This way they stay safe from getting beaten up by bigger things that you are putting in first. These accent flowers are nice if they are sort of floating around the outside of the arrangements, giving it a lightness. they will be the outer edges of your arrangement, so pay attention to the shape they are creating.