Flutter Magazine Issue No. 7 Flutter Magazine Issue No. 7 - Page 41

yes to the dress “I had seen Sarah Seven's designs online and knew I wanted that exact Amour silhouette. It just felt like 'me' and at my appointment I purchased it on the spot. I had a moment though, when I knew with the utmost certainty that it was the dress.” — Alexandra a serendipitous love story “Jason and I met in a very serendipitous way on public transit many years ago. We first saw each other in the Raleigh, North Carolina airport. We ended up on the same plane to San Francisco, then again on the same airport tram, again on the same BART platform, and finally on the same BART train headed towards the East Bay. It seemed almost ridiculously inevitable that the universe wanted us to talk by the time we sat down next to each other on that train.