Flutter Magazine Issue No. 7 Flutter Magazine Issue No. 7 - Page 35

ideal itinerary SA N T ORINI, GRE E CE Photography by Tanja Kibogo kibogophotography.com D O wake up early to enjoy a surreal sunrise and a serene city absent of people. S T A Y in a white cave house in Oia. Houses are easy to find through Airbnb. S I P on a frappé. B E PR E PA R E D for a workout! Flat streets are far and few between and cute flats are your best friend. M A K E A T O A S T to your travels wine tasting with a view at Santos Winery. We suggest going at sunset! Cheers! T A N J A ’ S T R A VE L T I P : Rent a car. You’ll be able to travel across the entire island and experience all of the different villages and types of landscape from Oia (iconic white-washed houses and cobblestone streets) to Firá (the capital), to the Red Beach and everything you stumble across in between! f i n d m o r e travel inspiration at fluttermag.com f lu t t e r m ag . c o m 33