Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 82

I did know mimeographs. We laughed very hard about the blue ink.

DA: The beauty of that is, that I was happy to work with people that I did not always agree with. Which means that I had to really learn how to take other people’s opinions seriously and to listen to other people’s opinions, and it can be a bit of a challenge.

We could have talked for hours she was just… like home. I felt like I had experienced so much of what she had, not only through myself, but through my mother, my grandmother, my daughters and other young people I knew. I was at the feet of a master of my craft, and yet I felt like I could just relax and laugh and talk with her like we had known each other for years. She was kind and gracious. She spoke with truth and compassion and conviction. She got me fired up and I wanted to ask her about where she did these things, and how to go about furthering my own talents.

I was, however, coming to the end of my hour-long interview, and because I too am so tightly scheduled, I try to respect people’s time. It was down to finding out what Dorothy is currently writing. The conversation gave me insight to something spectacular that I had never expected. I could not ask for a kinder gift of insight to what’s next for Dorothy than this surprise ending.

JGH: So now tell me about this new book you have coming out. It’s titled She Who, is that correct?

DA: Well, I’ve been working on She Who, I’m under contract but, I’m afraid I put it aside.

JGH: As we do….procrastination and writers, right?

DA: Well, you know, it’s just that things happen. I got really ill a couple of years ago; I nearly died. It was an interesting experience. I had a moment there when I was going in and out of consciousness, and I could never fully wake up. I had had a series of dreams that were really not anything exciting. I kept dreaming that I was walking down a hallway, and that on either side of me were these towering bookcases chock full