Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 53


Finding My Prince

by Kendra Davis

Like the twinkle of a crystal you hold in the light

I try on the shoe; it fits just right

Through my tattered dress and coal streaked face

You show me beauty in a soul filled placeYou hold my hand and we dance the dance

Believing our love grows on more than a chance

Your careful words telling stories of blessingsOf the roads you have traveled, the worth of confessing

Your love, your life, your promise to be

My carriage when life reaches too hastily

to turn wishes into pumpkins and mice into men

When I question my perceptions, my own worth now and then

You smile and laugh and say, “It’s okay”

It’s all meant to be, getting carried away

Stand still and have faith, although midnight will come

No need to fear to worry or run

All the work and the tears were just steps to the ball

I promise it’s your fairytale after all