Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 50

“I am here,” I say every time. Just in case you hear me.

“I am so alone…”

Every time I touch you more voices cry out. But they are all you little orb. You’ve grown so big and yet you are always just the same to me forever. I wish you could know all that I know about you. And so I sit for many days watching you grow in my hands.

“I am here little orb.”

How do I make it so you can hear me? I am Omni. I am Omni. I am Omni. I live alone. It is dark except for you, little orb. It is scary, except for you little orb. Why can you not hear me? Many days pass. Forever it seems. Or perhaps only a day so long. Then I hear you.

“Hello. I am little orb. I thought I lived alone. But I don’t know. I am searching for you. I know you must be there, I tell myself every day you are. I feel your spirit inside of me. Your inquisitive mind. The joy and wonder. The happiness. I wonder where it all came from. I wonder how it could be. Then I think of you. You. Wherever you are. I feel you touching me and I am scared too. I can imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine, too. It’s those moments you are with me.

You. Hello, friend. I am little orb. Can you hear me, too?”…