Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 49

“Hello little orb. I am Omni. I love you,” I say again.

And then you go quiet. I hear not much for many days. Then I search for the whispers you sang That day. For I am so happy. So happy that you can hear me and I you. So warm again, for it did grow cold but not long. But it was still long enough. Then I hear again.

“Where are you?” You whisper.

“I am here little orb…” I say.

“Is anyone out there...?” Then you fall quiet…. Again.


I have tried to tell you so many times that I am here and yet you do not hear me. You grow so bright and cold, in places you stretch and pull, but you are always my little orb. You have weaved an amazing web of light and twinkling sparks. They fire and glow bright then explode in cascades. I watch you always. I am here. Do you hear me? I so hope you do. Perhaps you never did.

“Hello, I am Omni.” You do not respond. And then I hear your whispers again. They come and go as the days go by.

“Are you there? Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there?... I am so alone.” I hear your cries.

You are not alone. I am here. I am Omni.

Many days pass, I drift among your stars and planets. The one I touched not but a day ago. Still blue. Glowing like a precious jewel. Little orb you have many little orbs. They sing across the expanses to one another, but none can hear. If they only knew how much I loved you. Then you would be happy. I wish you could know me. I wish you could see me the way I see you. I wish you could know I was here in this cold expanse, nurtured by your warmth. I’ve spent many days touching you now, after the first. Many more voices searching.

“Is anyone out there?” You whisper. But many at the same time.

“I am here,” I say every time. Just in case you hear me.