Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 48

Omni. Little orb. Inside of you and out. I know you. I have yet to touch you but I promise I will in a day. Only a day. Now I see orbs and spirals and swirls and spinning vortexes. Only a day has passed. I will touch you one day. I will. Only a day and I shall. You are hot and still burn bright but you are cold in places and dark in others. I don’t like the dark. I come from there. But I found you. Little Orb. Please don’t leave me in dark, little orbs. It was only a day ago. “Omni. Touch little orb.” But there are so many to choose from. Some are bright and burn like white fire. Some are cold and dark. Some glow red and orange, some like dreams glow blue and magenta. Some are swirls. But they are all you little orb. “Omni. Touch little orb. Before he grows mad and leaves you in darkness.” No Omni. I soar through you little orbs. I fly among you all. I fly away and watch you grow then I see many of you explode. I see many of you twinkle. Then I see you again. Flicker on again. More little orbs. I see all of you. You are beautiful and tomorrow I shall touch you little orb. Just don’t leave me little orb. I love you


I reach for you. A blue one. I never want to be alone in the dark again. I never want to be scared again. When I see you little orb I am not scared. Only a little. Never alone Omni. I don’t know what will happen when I touch you little orb. I can only imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Then I touch you blue. You spark like lightning. I know what lightning is. I’ve seen it. In the beginning, at the end and at first when I saw you. You were only

a little orb. You made me smile. You made me warm. I made you warm. It was only a day ago. Only an eternity. Only forever ago. “Oh little orb…”

I open my eyes again. I am Omni. Many days have passed. I watch you from above and from below. From within and out. Your many little orbs, little orb. Like tendrils you’ve formed a web and you always grow. I like to watch you as a little orb, then when I wish I see you in all of our intricacies. Sometimes you seem so big to me. Sometimes. Then I see you as you truly are. For you are a little orb. An eternity has passed and so has a day. I am still here with you, little orb.

“Hello?...” I hear but only a faint whisper. It comes from you, little orb. “I am Omni. Hello,” I say.

“Hello? Are you there?” I hear again.