Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 47

I am Omni. I am Omni. I am Omni. Hello little orb. You and all your little, little orbs make me smile. I live not alone any more. For I am embraced now and yet now I embrace little orbs. They dance all around me and I chase them. But they escape from me until I wish to see them again. Then they are little orbs. Now you have flown apart. Little orbs melt into one another making new bigger orbs. I cannot find you little orb but I find your progeny spread apart vastly. But it is not vast for me. When I wish it then I see you again no matter how lost you seem. So you are still little orb and I am still Omni. I like you so little orb. So much.


still have not. This day and another pass. Many days like eternity. A long timeā€¦ And now you grow cold little orb.

Trek Through the Stars, Brandon Lee Dyer