Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 46


by S.J. Alexander

I am Omni. I live alone. It’s dark and scary here. For a long time I’ve been scared. I can’t tell you how long. I don’t know… A long time. It’s dark but I can still see. In the distance I see a small speck of light. It’s coming closer. It’s so bright. I can hardly stand to watch it but I do anyways. Because it’s so pretty. It’s just taking forever to reach me. If forever means anything here.

I open my eyes again. A long time has passed since last. The speck has grown. It glows hotly, like a raging fire of white light. I can even feel its warmth. It makes me glow inside. Like a smile. I have tried reaching for its hot orb but it dances just far enough to evade me. I feel no sadness because it is warm. I like it… So much. I still watch it. Forever. I don’t close my eyes. just want to touch it. I want it to come close. I would so like to touch it. Hold it maybe. Maybe I shall meet it halfway. Perhaps it will come soon. Maybe it will come faster if I try to meet it. Little orb.

“When I touch you little orb. When I hold you! Oh my!” I have travelled for ages it seems but forever doesn’t mean much anymore. I have said countless times what I would do when I couch you for the first time my little orb. Now it dances again. It’s so bright in my eyes. A little shine surrounded by eternal darkness. But it’s right here. Burning bright and warm. I hope to catch it before it grows too big. Before I cannot hold it and it outgrows me. It hasn’t stopped

growing since I first saw its pinhole spark. It is still dark. I am not so scared anymore with my little orb to keep me warm.

This is the day I think I will reach my orb. Touch it. Hold it. Feel its fire on me and warmth, and share with it my smile. Maybe the little orb will feel my warmth. But here a day means nothing. It is pointless. I only know I see the orb now, growing so fast it sends ripples toward me but I pass through with ease. It grows in all directions, so big. But as it expands so do I. I know not how. It will always be my little orb it seems. It sparks like a radiant sun. I watch it for a day. A day in eternity. A day in darkness. These days I can only smile. “Oh little orb. Grow big and one day you shall be big like Omni.”

But already you are big. I have seen you and felt your warmth now for many days. Still I am scared. I dreamed of touching you only for forever and