Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 33


Lovelace, Jessica Sanga

She tells me that her boyfriend, Jay, introduced her to the poet Salvin Chahal, who I saw perform at his recent reading at Sac State. So, she went to this "Poets of Color" showcase. She really liked how he performs. She says this is where she connected. Salvin’s poetry rips your guts out. Jassi thinks we should teach young people to believe they can write without being pretentious; to just be real.

Her mother lets us know now that she has prepared the samosas, for which I am so grateful because I am getting hungry. Jassi’s mother only speaks Punjabi but Jassi translates, and we have a sort of motherly kind of understanding as well. The samosas are delicious, and she serves it to me with chutney, relieved that I do not find the spiciness off-putting. I actually rather enjoy it. Shortly after we eat and chat for a while, and after Jassi’s mother and grandmother flatter me by telling me that I have a joyous spirit, Jassi’s mother packs me some samosas to go and I am off.