Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 129

Kristina Heflin

Kristina Heflin is a full time student of Arizona State University. Her online studies allow her to continue to live in her native Northern California and to work as a part time writing and English language tutor, as well as serve on the editorial board of Flumes. She is currently wrapping up her début novel, Sigyn’s Saga: Burdened with Love and will travel to the U.K. this summer to study literature. You can follow her adventures and stay up to date on her publications through her blog: sagasandmythos.wordpress.com.

Jodi Gwendolyn Hernandez

Jodi Gwendolyn Hernandez was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She reads most everything she comes across when she has the time. When she was a child visiting her grandmother, during summers in Grass Valley, CA, her grandmother would set her in front of an old typewriter and tell her to write stories. While Jodi dreamed of writing, it seemed an unattainable goal. She continued to write poetry even to her husband when they first met, but not as much after raising two daughters and volunteering in their schools.

Jodi decided to return to college for a teaching degree. There she rekindled her passion for the written word. She has helped to organize World Book Night’s and book exchanges, is a founding member of the current Yuba College Literary Arts Club, developed and presented the writing workshop “Step Out of Your Box and Into Ours” at Butte WordSpring 2016, and developed an alternative library for middle school students. She is a recipient of the Yuba College Academic Excellence Award in the Language Arts division for 2015-2016 and a 2016-2017 recipient for Sociology. Her past interviews are available at lehab.org.

Evelyn Williamson

Evelyn Williamson was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Finding Phoenix to be too large for her, she traveled to Yuba City as an adult after getting married. Once her three children became school age, she decided it was time for her to go back to school as well. Studying at Yuba College, she is well on her way to getting the education she has always desired. When her schooling is complete, she plans on becoming a full time college professor of English while she writes from home. Evelyn just completed writing a poem every day in April of 2017 to commemorate National Poetry month.