Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 128

Editor Bios

Brenna Cariker

Brenna Cariker is a full time student, reader, writer, and daydreamer. When she’s not busy with her novel, you can find her chasing her cats or debating Game of Thrones theories. She’s currently finishing up her Associates degree and will head to Sacramento State University to get a masters in English Literature. You can watch her either become a cat wrangler, published author, or master of English Lit through her Twitter: @BrennaCariker and her lonely, but not unloved blog: Brennacariker.blogspot.com

Sandra Gatewood-DeLoach

Sandra Gatewood-DeLoach moved to CA from Dallas, TX in 1998 and has lived in the Yuba-Sutter area for ten years. She wrote poetry throughout high school and in college. But as normal, life happened and writing fell to wayside. She returned to college in 2015 to complete the degree started forty years earlier. At the suggestion of one of her professors, she enrolled in Creative Writing and started writing creative non-fiction stories based on her family, children, and many adventures with siblings and cousins in the 1970’s. She also is a member of the editorial board for Flumes. Sandra is a 2017 Yuba College graduate with an AA-English and AA-Arts & Humanities. She plans to start a blog that includes her poetry, stories, and photography art.

Jonathan Harvey

Jonathan Harvey is a full time college student. He is a visual artist, a writer and a willing editor for friends and associates. He is currently making plans to transfer to Centenary College for Liberal Arts in Shreveport, LA, in the fall of 2017 with plans of pursuing a career in literature and illustration. He’s studying narrative techniques in both film and writing, as well as aesthetic appeal of visual art. Jonathan is 19 years old and the youngest member of the editorial staff. He is diagnosed with Asperger's and it helps him spot details in writing that need review. He can be contacted directly at jonathanharveygroovy@gmail.com.