Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 123

Jill Posener

Jill Posener was born in 1953 in Greenwich, London, and now lives in San Francisco.

Since she took up photography, her work has been shown in over ten major exhibitions, including solo shows at London's Photographers Gallery, and has appeared in publications ranging from the Daily Mirror to the New York Times Book Review. Her work has also been commissioned as cover art for books by Dorothy Allison and Susie Bright.

Jessica Sanga

Jessica Sanga, born 1989 in the Bay Area of California, is an emerging cultural artist with a unique mixed media art style. Jessica is a Natural Living and Organic Food Enthusiast with a positive mindset. She’s constantly trying to better herself, those close to her, and the environment. She has been very creative throughout her life, but her talent gained attention when she started winning art competitions in high school.

Jessica dabbles in different art styles but is known for the unexpected tribal/henna designs in her paintings. She enjoys hiking and nature walks and spending time with her sons Roman and Omri.

Nature and those she loves deeply continue to inspire her art.

Shamaya Sutton

Shamaya Sutton will be graduating from Yuba College at the end of this semester with an Associates in Theater and GE degree in Arts and Humanities. She has yet to take any art classes but draws and paints whenever she has time (usually on the backs of college notebooks).

Communication isn't always best expressed through words, the arts speak where we can’t.

David Terry

I took “Barn in the Clouds” as part of one of my assignments for ART-31 (Intro to Photography) with a 35 mm Black & White film, and a Canon AE-1. My interest in photography stems as a byproduct of my intended major, Evolutionary Biology. I'm interested in studying modern animals in the wild, and with photography I can document and record the behaviors and patterns of the animals, and then use their behaviors to aid in determining the behaviors and biology of extinct organism such as dinosaurs.