Flumes Volume 2: Issue 1, Summer 2017 - Page 119

Kendra Davis

If I can help you to imagine or to dream bigger than you did yesterday my writings will be worthwhile. It's the moments that a feeling pours out of me

with a vigorous mission that I capture something magical. I am a Yuba City, CA resident and a psychotherapist. Writing is a hobby and a love. Make every day count!

The poem “Finding My Prince” was written about me actually finding my prince. In this life there are many things I am good at, however, when it comes to relationships my friends and family would say I am a slow learner. In the fall of 2012 I met a new friend. Our first date we spent 4 hours chatting in a restaurant, the kind of conversation that just flows without effort. We knew fairly quickly that we had so much in common. We went hiking in parks, watched movies, read books together and slowly learned that we had both found our soul mates, a difficult find for most, especially those who are relationship challenged. He truly is my prince and he reminds me every day that I have a fairytale right here at home.

Lee Dawn

I'm a local illustrator and student living in Yuba County. I like to draw strange women and strange creatures, ideas that are rooted in the landscape I live in, folklore, and stories.

All of my personal art is solely done in traditional mediums. My crafts of choice are watercolor painting and pen-and-ink, but I'm always looking to expand. In less than a year, I will graduate with my three majors in Illustration, Studio Arts, and Graphic Design. I currently work as a part-time freelance illustrator and my hope is to be able to make the switch to full time freelancing after graduation. My real goal is not to work on client projects but my own projects with titles such as "The Unicorns of North America", "The Fair Folk", and a novel tentatively titled Adust. “Jewel-Crowned Gem Seeker” is a piece from my current series, The Fair Folk. She's a spirit who lives in the forest, looking for precious gems.

I can be contacted at leedawnillustration@gmail.com.

Destiny Desos

Is a Yuba College art student.