Flumes Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 7


Creative non-fiction is sometimes difficult to fall in love with. Non-fiction’s basis in reality can make it harder to find those unique stories a reader can get lost in. So we were pleasantly surprised when Kelly Cunningham’s piece came across our table. Her ability to give voice to the difficult turmoil of loss is both refreshing and relatable:

“When someone dies, photographs become sacred. When I look back at pictures of my dad, there is a beginning and an end. Right after his death, it felt urgent to remember and celebrate his life with photos.”

For those who have dealt with the inexplicable, consuming emptiness after the death of a loved one, Cunningham’s words ring true. We often cling to memories and items in an effort to assuage the void within.

Overall, the works we chose for this inaugural issue captured the variety of human experience, from laughter to longing. We hope these pieces resonate with you as they did with us.



The Editors of Flumes

"Half Dome & Beyond"

Debbie Stearns