Flumes Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 47

Soto, Nathan

Nathan Soto is a food junkie, proud Mexican, and avid photographer. He was born in California and has been finding new homes in different cities ever since he can remember. Nathan is a creative soul that enjoys capturing the rich cultures of different cities through food and photography. One day he hopes to open up his own restaurant or have a successful food truck.

Stearns, Debbie

I am a freelance writer who dabbles in a variety of subjects from historical to everyday life and inspirational to quirky. My works have been published in Chico’s Enterprise Record, the Dogtown Nugget and Tales of the Paradise Ridge (both publications are products of the Gold Nugget Museum in Paradise), and the Upstate Journal of New York. In my “real” life, I am married, the mother of four now-adult children, and a grandma to a beautiful boy. I love to explore the world around me through travel near and far. By engaging all my senses, I am able to paint vivid pictures of my life through words. Maybe someday I’ll write a book.

White, Jennifer

Jennifer White is an adjunct professor of English at Butte College and the faculty editor of Butte College's creative writing journal, the Inky Squib

Editor Biographies

Butcher, Chloe

Chloe Butcher wants to live in a world where you can eat Ben & Jerry’s and never gain weight, gender equality is a reality not a movement, and movies are as good as the book. Chloe was born and raised in the Yuba- Sutter area. She has been an avid reader since middle school and loves to watch language evolve as society does. After three years at Yuba College, including two years as the Literary Arts Club President, she is excited to leave the nest and fly off to UCLA. There, she will pursue a degree in English, with even more chances to write and analyze great texts, and no doubt question every theory and claim anyone presents, while still maintaining her Shondaland addiction.

Nelson, Haley

Haley Nelson started reading by stealing her older brother’s school books when she was three and hasn’t stopped being obsessed with stories since. It doesn’t matter the medium used (movies, television, music, video games, paintings) she’s always looking for the story in it, and if she can’t find one she’ll just make one of her own. Coming from a creative family, Haley has