Flumes Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 43

Raise a glass of champagne or brandy to your brick

Draw a smiley face on a brick

Dress it up with a ski hat and sunglasses

Cradle it in your arms as though it were an infant

Test airport security by putting a brick in your carry-on bag

Keep your brick in your sewing basket so you'll always be able to find it

Paint a brick black to remind you of the night

Paint a brick orange to remind you of a word that's difficult to rhyme

Move it to your aquarium so you can keep an eye on it

Tape a brick to the ceiling to test the adhesive strength of duct tape

Get accidentally conked on the head

Place a brick in your garden as a stepping stone

Elevate your computer monitor

Name your brick

Weigh it

Develop an IQ test for a brick

Measure your brick

Calculate your brick's density

Crack open a few recalcitrant pistachios

Groom your pet brick

Stare at it long enough to imagine a world without bricks

"I'm All Right (only a flesh wound)"

by Aaron Thomas Leonard Piccirillo