Flumes Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 42

Hollow out a secret cavity to store a valuable necklace

Dream your brick is a kilo of hashish

Stand it on end in a kitchen cabinet next to a

Betty Crocker cake mix

Block the entrance to a gopher warren

Drill and wire a brick for a lamp base

Freeze a brick for a personal cooling device on hot day

Bake a brick for a personal heating device on a cold day

Leave it in the hallway outside your door

Trip on a brick

Build a very low, very short wall

Consult a psychic about the future of your brick

Use a brick for second base in a game of stick ball

Wash and wax a brick

Hire professionals to detail your brick

Laminate your brick

Will it to a distant cousin

Tether a Chihuahua pup to a brick

Cook a pot of brick soup

Loan it to a dear friend who has no brick

Launch a brick rental business

Buy a Hawaiian shirt that looks good with your brick

Compare the smell of a brick to the smell of lipstick

Write a ballad about your brick

Research your brick's family history

Trace its three distinct profiles in your notebook

Pretend it's Paul Bunyan's nail file

Become a low-budget shot-putter

Take a picture of it

Email your brick pic to everyone in your address book

Build a brick web page

Write a brick blog Interview a brick

Learn patience from a brick

Display your 1909 SVDB Lincoln penny on a one-brick pedestal

Use a brick for a trivet

Cut a brick just so with a tile saw and have a matching pair of trivets

Rent a storage unit and put a brick into solitary confinement

Prop up your coffee pot in a campfire

Inspire a Pink Floyd song

Giftwrap a brick

Store in a cool, dry place