Flumes Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 32

Chiming Affirmations

By Rhony Bhopla


Where the mango tree blooms

on a hill so steep, the heart aches.

A dog’s body entangles between

tree roots. She comes apart as

minute velocity pushes

her into a constellation.


Plucked from Reggae streets, matted

white fur. I unfurled her,

dipping her in aloe and jasmine water.

We sang daily affirmations of

strength, courage, and beauty.

That day came when she ran, and ran.

The cars came too and knocked her

toward death. I carried her a mile,

and up the steep hill. While her back

was broken, her mighty call for help

thrummed all the cords that held me intact.

Our whimpers became a chant.

My hand over her mouth and nose.

Waited, as I cried—waited as the

blossoms chimed the affirmations.

It is unknown who let go first, but

the body went limp under my hold.

Breath ceased. She had floated up into

the blossoms of the mango tree.