Flumes Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 14


Party Manners

By Catharine Bramkamp

Don’t predict the weather

I know the forecast

Explain instead

Heart chakras and dogs

Don’t pontificate on politics

I won’t change my mind

Neither will you

Lecture instead:

The secret life of birds;

Passionate insects; kings

Don’t discuss divorce

We know both the tune & lyrics

His secretary, her personal trainer

Instead sing that song you wrote

Voice the just published poem

describe the plot of your unwritten novel

Skip the children

So many are successful it no longer

Bears much repeating

Tell me about novels and plays

concerts and ballets

The weird Broadway show I don’t understand

Refrain from employment laments

It will not improve until you leave

Advise me on what to wear to the Fringe Festival

The right shoes to climb exotic dunes and camels

Show me your scars from the tropics