Florida's Historic Coast Travel Planner 2018 - Page 48

WEDDINGS St. Augustine Historic Inns St. Augustine Yacht Club St. Augustine Weddings & Special Events TPC Sawgrass www.staugustineinns.com Each St. Augustine bed and breakfast within our association invites you hold your special moment inside its elegantly restored historic home. In addition to hosting small intimate weddings, the Old City’s famous Saint Augustine Inns also can host rehearsal dinners, bridesmaids luncheons, small St. Augustine receptions and St. Augustine lodging for the wedding party. Learn more about the St. Augustine weddings hosted at the Inns in Saint Augustine. 135 Jenkins St. Suite 105B-318, St. Augustine, FL 32086 904.814.3011 www.staugwed.com Over the past two decades, St. Augustine Weddings & Special Events have designed events exclusively in the St. Augustine area for clients spanning the globe.  From high profi le weddings to intimate aff airs, they design unique weddings that truly refl ect a client’s style and personality.  Working with exclusive venues and prominent wedding suppliers, St. Augustine Weddings & Special Events  will make your wedding day an event to remember.   Contact owner, Karen Erwin to schedule your complimentary consultation to see how hiring a professional planner can save you time, money and stress. St. Augustine Wedding & Event Association 303 B Anastasia Blvd., Ste. 2563, St. Augustine, FL 32080 www.staugustineweddingandevents.com The St. Augustine Wedding & Event Association is a network of professional vendors dedicated to servicing your wedding and event needs in the St. Augustine & surrounding areas. Our members include venues, photographers, planners, entertainers, fl orists, and more! From small, intimate gatherings to lavish weekend- long events, the St. Augustine Wedding & Event Association is a resource of true professionals dedicated to making your special day everything you dreamed it would be.  St. Augustine Shrine Club 250 Brainard Dr., St. Augustine, FL 32086 904.794.1555 www.staugustineshrineclub.com Saint Augustine Shrine Club is an attractive venue that has a marvelous view of Moultrie Creek. The facility has a separate dining area with a parquet dance fl oor, bar and an oversized commercial kitchen. 46 442 Ocean Vista Ave., St. Augustine, FL 32084 904.824.9725 www.staugustineyachtclub.com The St. Augustine Yacht Club, on the shore of Salt Run, is only minutes away from the convenience and beauty of historic downtown St. Augustine. The waterfront setting in Lighthouse Park off ers the perfect ambiance to host Special Events such as Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Holiday Parties, Hospitality Cocktail Receptions, Corporate Meetings & Dinners, Bridal & Baby Showers, Anniversary & Birthday Celebrations or even an Alumni Gathering. 110 Championship Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 904.273.3235 www.tpc.com/sawgrass-weddings The elegant Clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach is designed to create a spectacular setting for weddings and special events, whether an intimate gathering of friends or a grand celebration with 500 guests. Event coordinators, chefs and on-site service personnel are committed to providing an unmatched level of personal service and attention to detail that few can match. Treasury on the Plaza 24 Cathedral Pl., St. Augustine, FL 32084 904.217.0077 www.treasuryontheplaza.com At The Treasury on the Plaza in St. Augustine, memories are born and dreams come true. Built in 1927, The Treasury was originally an opulent bank in the heart of downtown St. Augustine. The building was recently remodeled to become a premier destination in Northeast Florida for weddings and events. The Grande Ballroom will take your breath away with its incredible beauty and unique features, including towering ceilings with exquisite detailing, ornate columns, and a Vault Bar inside the original bank safe. Tringali Barn 7310 US 1 S., St. Augustine, FL 32086 904.814.1802 www.facebook.com/tringalibarn The Tringali Bar եЁЁ́ѡə)ɸѥёȁݕٕՔQ)ɸ́ѕЁɕ́ɥمє)ЁѡЁɕ́ɔݼ́ݡ)ɵ͕ѥȁɕ丁%ͥ)ѡ̀ܰՅɔЁɸݔٔ)ɕɽ̰ɕэݼѥձ)Ʌѕեѕ́ȁѡݕ)YiɅ呄)5͕մ(́-MиMи՝ѥ0(и)ܹ٥Ʌ呄)ɅɑٕՔȁȁɅɑ)ٕЄɽЁхѥ́Ѽ͵)ѥєȁѥ́ѡ5ɥ͠ Ёѡ)YiɅ呄́ȁЁչՔ)хձȁ͕ѥ եЁ́́ɥمє)ѡÝѠ ɕɕѥѥ)ѡ́ɄAɅM)Mɽչ͕ѽݥѠȁЁٕ)ѡ5ɥ͠I٥م屔 х)ѥ́ȁѼԁՕ́͵ѥє)͕ѕȁѥ̃LəЁȁ͵ɕͅ)̃LȁѼՕ̸]ɕ)ɔͼمȁѼՕ̸)]ѕȁMɕ) ɥ!͔(]ѕȁMиMи՝ѥ0(и)ܹ݅ѕɕمѥ)MЁ՝ѥéɕȁݕ)ѥ́х́Ѐ]ѕȁMɕи)́͵ɽ́܁)ѡ́ѽɥ́ѡѕѡ)مѥQ́ѥհYѽɥ!) ɥ!͔ݥѠͥٔ٥́ѡ)5х́IٕȁЁݥͥ䁡ЁѼ)ѕ̸)]ѹ1 ѕ)ȁ5ɥMՑ(ԁ=͡ɔ ِMи՝ѥ0(иĸ)ܹݡѹՙ)1ѕѡ́ѡUٕͥ䁽)ɥé]ѹ1Ʌѽ䁙ȁ5ɥ) ͍ɽ᥵ѕ܁́ͽѠ)Mи՝ѥѡܰĸиݼѽ ѕ)ȁ5ɥḾٕ́Ք)ݕ̰ɕѥ̰̰ѥ̰)͕́ɕɕ̸%ѥѼ)ɕѡх݅ѕȁ٥̰Ёɕ́ѕɥ)эɽ́ȵ͕ЁՑѽɥմ