Florida's Historic Coast Travel Planner 2018 - Page 46

The Big Day Wedding Services Although their happiness on that day was undoubtedly remembered for the rest of their lives, it would have been even more special if they had known they were the fi rst of thousands of couples who would begin their lives together in the Ancient City. And who could blame them for choosing this town as the setting for their happiest day? For centuries, it has been irresistible to wedding couples. The shining sea, fresh breezes, horse-drawn carriages bedecked in colorful fl owers, sunshine washing over architecture that speaks of European 44 elegance, church bells announcing the fi rst hour of matrimony, even an actual Spanish castle— together, they off er an unmatched setting for taking the fi rst step on the path to marital bliss. Today, from the elegant resorts of Ponte Vedra Beach to the magic of Marineland Dolphin Adventure, local professionals off er services that ensure all of the elements of a perfect wedding are seamlessly combined to create a day that will be forever vibrant in the memories of the happy couple, their families and friends. Planners, photographers, fl orists, caterers and many other specialists combine their skills to make fairy-tale weddings an everyday reality on Florida’s Historic Coast. The fi rst recorded wedding in St. Augustine is dated Jan. 24, 1594. The groom was Gabriel Hernandez, and the bride’s name was Catalina de Valdes.