Florida's Historic Coast Travel Planner 2018 - Page 13

Authentic Historical Experiences by the Dozen Castillo de San Marcos Completed by the Spanish in 1695 to protect their treasure fl eets from the British and pirates, this national monument is the oldest masonry fort in the U.S. Castillo de San Marcos Fountain of Youth More than a youthful legend, this is the location of the Timucua village of Seloy and the fi rst settlement of St. Augustine. St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum 1888, it was one of America’s most impressive resorts. The success of the hotel marked the beginning of the thriving tourism industry in Florida. Avilés Street At the oldest maritime port, the lighthouse stands watch over the oldest city with stunning views at the top of its 219 steps. The oldest public street in the country, dating back to 1570, was originally called Hospital Street because of the Spanish Military Hospital there. The Colonial Quarter Plaza de la Constitución Two acres inside the historic district immerses you in three centuries of Spanish colonial life, plus the city’s brief 21-year interlude of British occupation, with interactive exhibits and history re-enactors. Established in 1573, the beautiful town square is named for its monument to the Spanish constitution of 1812, which is believed to be the only remaining such monument in the world. Mission Nombre de Dios The fi rst Holy Mass was led by Father Francisco Lopez here in 1565. The mission was also home to the fi rst Catholic parish in what would become the United States. The home of Spanish soldier Tomas Gonzalez built in 1702, the house is a mix of early Spanish architecture and English infl uences made during the time when British troops occupied St. Augustine. Lightner Museum Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse The second hotel constructed by Henry Flagler, the former Hotel Alcazar once housed the world’s largest indoor swimming pool and is now home to an extensive collection of relics from America’s Gilded Age. A historic museum that recreates school life from the 1800s with original antique furnishings and rare artifacts. Flagler College Once the Hotel Ponce de Leon, built by railroad and Standard Oil magnate Henry Flagler in Timucua Village Inside Flagler College St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum Gonzalez-Alvarez House Fort Mose A state park today, Fort Mose was established in 1738 as the fi rst free African settlement in the U.S. Slaves that fl ed the British colonies to the north were granted freedom in Spanish Florida. FloridasHistoricCoast.com 11