Florida's Historic Coast Calendar of Events Nights of Lights Nov 2017-Jan 2018 - Page 26

December 5 Clutch with Guests Devin Townsend Project and The Obsessed at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre Backyard Stage Hard-rocking, alternative metal group Clutch will bring their Psychic Warfare Tour featuring special guests Devin Townsend Project and The Obsessed. Performance at the Amphitheatre’s Backyard Stage. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the performance is at 8 p.m. Admission is $30 and $27. 1340 A1A South, St. Augustine 904-209-0367 www.staugamphitheatre.com December 6, 10, 13, 20, 22 & 28 Villa Zorayda Candlelight Tour Join Villa Zorayda this holiday season for its 8 th annual Candlelight Tour, which is offered on select evenings during St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights. The museum is beautifully decorated for the holidays with a spectacular Christmas tree decorated in the colors of the Zorayda, red and gold. More than 100 candles are aglow throughout the mu ][KH\\]  K N KۈH L K[\[YZ\[ۈ\ MYZ\[ۈ܈[]Y\ LL\ [YZ\[ۈ\YH܈[]Y\ MH\\X[Y[Y܈[]Y\ [[\\\][ۜ\H\]Z\Y[[HXYHHۙK [  ]Y\[HL N KNN ˝[^ܘ^YKBX[X\ [Z[\HY[Z[\HY]H ]Y\[HY\H X\][YH]\][H\B[Z[HY[HY][ۈ\[YوYˈH[X][ۈpNH KX]\\[]X]]Y\[Y^HܘY][]YHY\Y[[]H]\X[Y[H[]X\][YHHY\H\Y\[[HHY\x&\XX[\Y^HXܘ][ۜ[Y[\^\\[\[XHY\H\YH ]Y\[x&\“YوYHH YZ\[ۈ\YK HY\H]K ]Y\[HL N KL H˜]Y\[[Y\Kܙ‘X[X\ N[ܝ[^X][ۂ\^X][ۈ]Hܚ\ Q[\\]\][HX]\\ܚHY\YHY[[Hܝ[\\ˈYZ\[ۈ\YKH]\][x&\š\\H LKKM KH[[X\[ۈ\X[X\ H KN K][H  ]Y\[HL N N L˙Y\YKܚ\[\X[X\ [XޛY]Hܘ^ۈ[[XH[YB[XޛY\H[Z[HY[HXYXX]Hܘ^ۈ[[XH[YB]0  KH][X]\\HL [Z[]H\ܛX[Hو[ܙYXHXYXYYKYو[ [\[ۋZ[XY[[ܞ][[][X]B[H[[[ܙK\\H[H[\]YH^\Y[HpH]\ ][[œٙ\[ۘ[XYXX[Z܈[ˈ\][\܈Y\ L[\ \]HX]H܈X][ܛX][ۋ ͈ܘ[YH  ]Y\[BL MKMM͈˘ܘ^ۘ[[XX[YKB