Florida's Historic Coast Calendar of Events Nights of Lights Nov 2017-Jan 2018 - Page 22

November 30-December 23 Coney Island Christmas Enjoy this play performed at the Limelight Theatre that showcases what it means to be an American during the holiday season. Performance times are 7:30 p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday. There is a preview day on November 30. Tickets are $26 general admission, $24 seniors and $20 students and military. 11 Old Mission Ave., St. Augustine 904-825-1164 www.limelight-theatre.org DECEMBER December 1 First Friday Art Walk Recital The music department of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine presents the First Friday Art Walk Recital featuring Shannon McKay, cathedral organist. The performance begins at 6 p.m. There will be a free-will offering. 38 Cathedral Place, St. Augustine 904-824-2806 www.thefirstparish.org December 1 Castillo by Candlelight: Enemy at the Gates This candlelight tour of the Castillo de San Marcos kicks off the Colonial Nightwatch weekend at 6:30 p.m. You will learn about the siege of 1740 and experience the troops preparing for battle. The cost is $10 adults, $5 for youth ages 5-15 and g&VRf"WFVFW"vRRF6WG26&R&W6W'fVB'R"BFR67FF6WB&F267FG"7BVwW7FPBӃ#cSbWB#3"wwr2vb66FV6V&W"Vf&VFfBFR6&6VB6fPFR6&6VB6fR26vr֖Ɨ6W6FR3ƗGFRF&B6B7FFR&BrF֗762CFRf076&VB'FRR2w&VV'VFr6V6B&6VVG2&RFFV@FF2&v旦F3bw&F7B7BVwW7FRBcsSs3`wwr6&6VF6fR6ФFV6V&W"c"cRcb#"c#2#c3vG2bƖvG27F&2vƶrFW V7BVwW7F^( 27&Ɩr7F'FV&&WBVVR6fƶ&PBƖFG&FF22RFR6vG2ƖRFRVVBƖvFW"W6WVЦ6W'G&BFR67FGV6;6BV6Fr&g&B֖BFP&6G&b֖Ɩ2bFƖrvFRƖvG2GW&rF26V67V7F7V"F2֖WFRwVFVBFW"FW'G2g&FW"6BVwW7FRBc3B&Vv2vFVFRB66FR"6R7&VFWVFrFPFVW&GW&RWG6FR&fFVB'6VF^( 266FW2F6WG2&RC#W W'6Gf6R&W6W'fF2&WV&VBBw&F7B7BVwW7FPBӃ#RrwwrFW'7FVr6У#