Florida's Birding & Photo Fest official guide 2018 - Page 2

STL Technical Workshop Series April 13-16, 2018 The STL Technical Workshop Series is without a doubt the definitive learning medium for those photographers who wish to take their imagery to the next level. This series will consist of both comprehensive classroom, and in field session instruction. Join host Chas Glatzer, M.Photog. at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm For more information and registration visit www.shootthelight.com/Workshops-2018/St--Aug,-FL-Tech-Series/1 April 13 - Metering Learn to control and achieve consistent exposure regardless of the subject and background tonality. April 14 - Visual Design and In-Field Methodology Enhance your visionary skills, as well as your technical execution. Special emphasis is placed on creating images with Visual Impact. Increase your proficiency while using creative techniques, compositional elements and light to design in-camera images that are a cut above. April 15 - Flash Learn to control and achieve consistent flash exposure. Flash is a different animal, especially when combined with ambient light. Many find this area of photography perplexing. When determining whether your strobe will be used for main, balanced or fill, it is always necessary to consider its relationship to the ambient light present. I highly recommend taking the Metering session before this one. April 16 - Post-production - LR/CS/Plug-ins Learn to correct your RAW image to its fullest potential. I receive daily e-mails asking me why my images appear more lifelike and dimensional than those others post on the web. We walk you completely through the workflow process, showing you all the tips and techniques that I use from the point of capture to web posting and printing. You will learn tons of shortcuts, and advanced applications specifically tailored to help you make the most of your images for both web and print. Guaranteed to further your image making ability and creatively expand your photographic horizons. Every participant has said this class elevated their imagery more than they ever imagined. Chas is a Canon Explorer of Light, a group comprised of the most influential photographers and cinematographers in the world, each a master of their creative specialty. www.ShootTheLight.com | info@ShootTheLight.com 2