Florida's Birding & Photo Fest official guide 2018 - Page 18

K E V I N LO U G H L I N Light – Shadow – Action – Background | Field Workshop** Kevin Loughlin was raised to appreciate nature while exploring the woodlands of Pennsylvania as a child. At age six, during a family trip through the American West, Kevin became fascinated with photography as well seeing the new and different birds throughout North America. In 1993 he founded Wildside Nature Tours. Kevin’s photographs and articles have appeared in publications such as WildBird, Audubon, Nature Photographer and Philadelphia Magazines as well as many natural history books including the latest Peterson Reference Guide: The Owls of North American, and The Caribbean by Scott Weidensaul. Kevin has also authored A Pocket Guide to Digital Nature Photography and currently has two additional book projects on his plate. Meeting Location: St. Augustine Alligator Farm, 999 Anastasia Blvd. THURSDAY 8 TO 11 A.M. SATURDAY 4:30 TO 7:30 P.M. Price: $100 + Annual Photo Pass | Max. No. of People: 10 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate So many photos of birds are just that, a photo of a bird. The rules of exposure and composition are important, but breaking them ‘properly’ can add the wow factor your images deserve! Take your bird photography to the next level and create artistic compositions by paying attention to light, detail and especially backgrounds. Suggested Gear List: DSLR (Full or cropped sensor), 70-200mm mid-zoom lens, 300mm or longer lens, Tripod **A note about Alligator Farm Field Workshops The Alligator Farm REQUIRES an ANNUAL PHOTO PASS for this workshop. **If you need a Photo Pass then please purchase our “I NEED AN ALLIGATOR FARM PHOTO PASS” ticket and a Photo Pass will be ordered for you. You will only need to buy the pass one time and it’s valid for one year. Festival Organizer Note About Field Workshops: We want you to enjoy and learn as much as you can in your field workshops. Therefore, it is important to arrive early and have all of your gear ready to go so you do not miss out or hold up the group. Each field workshop will begin with a 10 minute overview of the subject and techniques. Suggested gear lists are listed with each field workshop. PHOTO: KEVIN LOUGHLIN 18