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Bird Photography & Negative Space - The Art of Composition | Photography Seminar Writing with Light – and Words | Photography Seminar SATURDAY 10 TO 11:30 A.M. Price: $25 | Max No of People: 30 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced The word “photography” is a combination of the Greek words “photo” (light) and “graphia” meaning “writing or drawing.” If we are writing with light, how can we also combine the written word into our work? Setting our photographic work apart from the masses is a challenge in today’s culture where we are flooded with imagery. This interactive session is all about inspi- ration and fine-tuning to add inspirational words, titles, light, polish and presentation to your processing. You’ll learn ways to develop the complete inspirational package with your work so that your imagery showcases your style, emphasizes your message, has flair, is completed with intention, and stands out uniquely above the rest. Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Classroom 1 SUNDAY 10 TO 11:30 A.M. Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Classroom 2 Price: $25 | Max No of People: 30 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced Elevating your photography to new levels requires expanding your technique. Luckily, this class has something to offer just about anyone with a camera! Whether or not you have “long lenses,” this class will give you much-needed inspiration to create art with your bird photography and expand your senses to think past just the “tight, close-up shots!” Focusing on key elements of composition - with an emphasis on using positive and negative space, we will create emotionally evocative images that leave lasting impressions with your audience and potentially open up new markets for your work! Friendly (really) Photo Critiques that Actually Help You Grow | Mini Portfolio Review It’s OK to Shoot on “Auto!” 7 Fun Tips for the Casual Photographer | Photography Seminar Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Classroom 1 Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Classroom 2 SUNDAY 1 TO 3 P.M. SATURDAY 3 TO 4:30 P.M. Price: $15 | Max No of People: 1 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced This is a 15-minute, 1-on-1 conversation about your work. Prepare to bring five (5) images* of your bird photography in digital or print format.“When you’re green, you grow. When you’re ripe, you rot!” (Ray Kroc). We should always be growing as photographers-no matter how long we have been shooting! Photo critiques, done well, help you grow! Whether you have had your work reviewed numerous times, or this is your first critique, it can be an intimidating experience-yet it doesn’t have to be! This experience is different. Lisa Langell will thoughtfully review your work and provide supportive, friendly and helpful critiques that are designed to inspire you, rather than intimidate. These sessions are de- signed to help you learn, grow, be inspired, and find new joy in your work by learning what steps you can take next to excel. Bring a notepad to take notes. *Digital presentations should be on your iPad/Tablet or Laptop, or bring them on a flash drive. Please do not present them from small devices such as a smartphone. Prints should be at least 10” on the widest side. Price: $25 | Max No of People: 30 | Difficulty Level: Beginner Do you like just leaving your camera on “Auto” and let the camera do the thinking? Many people who own a camera-whether it’s a phone, tablet, compact camera or DSLR simply want to take quality photographs without mastering numerous complicated settings. Though manual settings have a lot to offer in regards to your creative control and image quality, they also require more work and time. Today’s “Auto” settings are surprisingly competent. In fact, your camera’s “Auto” setting is like having a private golf caddy---it does much of the thinking, deciding, and heavy lifting--allowing you to focus on the fun. This fun and engaging session will teach you seven powerful, but simple techniques to help you avoid common mistakes, recognize an image’s potential, and ult imately capture them beautifully through your lens--all on “Auto.” No settings required. 17