Florida's Birding & Photo Fest official guide 2018 - Page 16

L I S A L A N G E L L sponsored by Lisa Langell is a multi-award-winning photographer from Scottsdale, Arizona. She is best known for her evocative images that create both a visual and emotional connection for the viewer. Lisa works to create not just a photograph—but a moving experience with nature. Lisa’s images have been published in magazines, newspapers, and other works including Arizona Highways, Ranger Rick, Phoenix Home & Garden, Images Arizona, Arizona Wildlife Views, and many more. Her work has also earned honors and awards from the National Wildlife Federation, North American Nature Photography Association, Professional Photographer’s Association, Arizona Highways, and others. Lisa is a member of several prominent photography organizations and sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Nature Photography Association. She works hard to support both nature and the people who photograph it. As a nature photographer, Lisa is also passionate about environmental cleanup and preservation. She is the founder of Picture It Clean (www.pictureitclean.org), a non-profit organization that mobilizes nature photographers and their friends to assist in trash cleanup events nationally. It helps more intimately connect photographers with their local habitats and fosters a symbiotic relationship with both the lands we use for photography and the life that resides within them. A Flight to Remember – Photographing Birds in Flight & Motion | Field Workshop** Meeting Location: St. Augustine Alligator Farm, 999 Anastasia Blvd. WEDNESDAY 8 TO 11 A.M. THURSDAY 4:30 TO 7:30 P.M. Price: $100 + Annual Photo Pass | Max No of People: 12 | Difficulty Level: Intermediate Photographing birds in flight (BIF) and motion can be challenging for even the most experienced photographers. This session will break down what settings and techniques may work best for you with regard to photographing birds in flight. Via warm, friendly and supportive instruction, this class will help get you on your way to photographing birds in motion beautifully! Designed for those with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, we will focus upon the following skills: • Focus settings: AF-C or AI Servo • Setting the proper focus point • Best aperture and shutter speed settings for photographing birds in motion • Finding the bird in the frame before you can photograph it • Composition, panning, and related techniques for artistic effect • How to envision the design, look and feel of your image prior to shooting • Hands-on practice in-the-field, and more PHOTOS: LISA LANGELL YOU be the Judge! 12 Key Elements to a Winning Photograph | Photography Seminar Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Classroom 1 FRIDAY 10 A.M. TO 3 P.M. Price: $25 | Max No of People: 30 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate Have you ever entered a photography contest and wondered if your image would win? Do you know what the judges look for? Ohh..and what happens to your image rights, as a photographer, if you enter? What does it take to win without losing it all? This session should be a MUST for anyone considering entering photo contests online, in clubs, and more. It is critically important to educate yourself on the joys and pitfalls of photography contests, which are more popular than ever and yet are often littered with questionable ethics. Learn how to prepare the best possible images for entry - and then learn how to separate the good, the bad, and the ugly of photography contests by analyzing the fine print. This fun, interactive, and important class will teach you critical information if you are preparing images for contest entry. We will cover: • 12 key elements to a winning photograph • Tips for preparing your image properly to help make it “pop” • How to read the “fine print” to ensure you are not giving away your rights, unknowingly, when you submit your image. We will also engage in several interactive activities that will put you in the judges seat and help you see how they see! Participate in a liv ѥٔ͠)ɥѥՔ)1Ёѡɔ1ЄAѽɅM)5ѥ1ѥQ4I͕ɍI͕ٔ ɽ)]9MdāQ<@4)Aɥ耐ԁ59Aձ1ٕ ȁѼ%ѕɵє)Mѥ她ѡ͕ٕɥ́ɅЁ́եѕ͕ѥѼ)ѕɥݥɔѽɅ丁1Ё́Ʌ1ɸ)Ёمɥ́́ЁѡɅѕ́ȁѡЁа͡ѥ)Ёݥ͕䰁ٕȵѥѥ́ݽɬȁȁё)ѽɅ丁Qɽ՝Սѥ͕́е́́ͥа)ݥ͍ٕȁɥЁݥѠɕЁ́Յѥ́аՑ)ɽЁаͥааɥаͥՕѕٕ́ͥɕѽ̰)͍ɥ̰͕́ɔ)MѽյѥMхЁ ɕѥ ѥհ ɐ])%̄Aɕ͕хѥ)5ѥ1ѥQ4I͕ɍI͕ٔ ɽ)Q!UIMdāQ<@4)Aɥ耐ԁ59Aձ1ٕ ȁѼم)!܁ݔѡɕѱ䁅ЁɔݥѽɅ!܁ݔ)مѥٔЁѥݡݥѽɅ䁡́٥Յ䁕Ѽ)ݡɔɱ䁕ٕՉЁ͕ٕ́ȵѽɅ($YѕɅѥٔ幅͕ͥ1̈́1ݥ͡ɔ)ȁɅѥѡ՝̰եѕՕ́ɕɑѡ͔)ͥѥɅѥѠ܁ݡݔѽɅɔ)܁ݔͼɔɕѥ͕ٔհѥѥձ̸݅(єЁѽȁɴ]ɭ͡)QѽȁɴIEU%IL99U0A!=Q