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ROMAN KURYWCZAK Create Tack Sharp Macro Images – without a tripod! | Field Workshop Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Outdoor Amphitheater THURSDAY & SUNDAY 7 TO 9:30 A.M. Price: $75 | Max. No. of People: 14 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate Tired of carrying around your tripod for macro photography? Sigma Pro Roman Kurywczak will guide you through the steps of creating tack sharp macro images without using a tripod! The secret to his success is effectively using flash as well as other light sources. During the lecture Roman will provide you with the settings and secrets to creating your own tack sharp macro images whether you are out in the field or inside a facility that doesn’t allow the use of tripods. Everything from gear, camera settings, to accessories will be covered in this instructional program. After the lecture portion, there will be an approximately 2-hour shoot where you can put what you learned to use with flower setups and more. Bring your camera with fully charged battery, memory cards, and a flash (if you have one). A Sigma tech rep will also be there with Sigma macro gear and flashes for you to try out. sponsored by Roman Kurywczak is a professional nature photographer for over 15 years who conducts lectures and workshops across the globe. His boutique tour company, Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours, caters to small groups to provide the ultimate learning experience for participants. Whether he is out in Tanzania or standing before a roaring waterfall in Iceland, Roman’s energy and passion for nature photography are clearly evident. You can often find him out in Arches or Yellowstone National Park late at night photographing the nighttime landscapes and calling it fun! In the United States, Roman’s photographic adventures have led him from Alaska down to California all the way across to Florida and on up to Maine with only a few states left to explore. Future expansion plans include many international destinations. Closer to home, Roman will spend countless hours doing macro photography. While he enjoys photographing insects, his favorite subject is flowers, which he buys for his wife and he is sticking to that story. Roman is equally comfortable photographing landscapes, macro subjects, and wildlife whether he is at some exotic location or close to home. A proud member of the Sigma Pro team, you can find his galleries, blog, tour schedule, and more on his website: www.roaminwithroman.com An Afternoon with the Horses | Field Workshop (co-leader, Brett Wells) Meeting Location: Frank B. Butler Park, 5860 A1A South THURSDAY & SATURDAY 6 TO 8:15 P.M. Price: $100 | Max No of People: 20 | Difficulty Level: All levels Come join the Sigma team of Roman Kurywczak and Brett Wells for an exciting afternoon shoot on the beach with horses and riders! The late afternoon sun should light the riders as they splash through the surf. There will also be plenty of time for portrait sessions along the beach with the ocean as a backdrop. Suggested Gear List: A DSLR with fully charged battery and extra memory cards. A 100-400mm lens is ideal for this shoot but a 70-200mm lens will also work but you may get wet. While we will be standing on the beach, prepare to get your feet and legs (knee high) possibly wet. A flash for later in the afternoon is recommended but not required. Master Capturing Birds in Flight| Field Workshop** Meeting Location: St. Augustine Alligator Farm, 999 Anastasia Blvd. Festival Organizer Note About Field Workshops: We want you to enjoy and learn as much as you can in your field workshops. Therefore it is important to arrive early and have all of your gear ready to go. Each field workshop will begin with a 10 minute overview of the subject and techniques. Have your gear ready when you arrive so you do not miss out or hold up the group. Suggested gear lists are listed with each field workshop. WEDNESDAY 4:30 TO 7:30 P.M. FRIDAY 8 TO 11 A.M. Price: $100 + Annual Photo Pass | Max. No. of People: 12 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate Join professional nature photographer and Sigma Pro Roman Kurywczak for this in the field bird in flight hands-on workshop at the S.t Augustine Alligator farm. The class will begin with an introductory presentation to discuss camera settings. Roman will provide you with tips and proper techniques for capturing stunning bird in flight images of your very own. A digital SLR camera body and a lens or 400mm or longer is preferred but lenses in the 70-200mm range will work fine for portrait work. You can also bring a tripod if you need to. Sigma will also be on hand to provide loaner lenses before the class starts. **A note about Alligator Farm Field Workshops The Alligator Farm REQUIRES an ANNUAL PHOTO PASS for this workshop. **If you need a Photo Pass then please purchase our “I NEED AN ALLIGATOR FARM PHOTO PASS” ticket and a Photo Pass will be ordered for you. You will only need to buy the pass one time and it’s valid for one year. PHOTO: ROMAN KURYWCZAK 13