Florida's Birding & Photo Fest official guide 2018 - Page 12

L E W I S K E M P E R PHOTO: LEWIS KEMPER Lewis Kemper has been photographing the natural beauty of North America and its parklands for over 30 years. During his extensive travels, he has been to 47 states from Alaska to Florida. His work has been exhibited and published in magazines, books, and calendars worldwide. Before moving west, he received a BA in Fine Art Photography from the George Washington University in 1976. The grandeur of the west beckoned and Lewis moved to Yosemite National Park, where he lived for 11 years. From 1978 until 1980, he worked at The Ansel Adams Gallery. Working at the gallery gave him the opportunity to meet, observe and learn from some of the greatest photographers of our time. “The experience of working at The Ansel Adams Gallery was very influential in my develop- ment as a photographer”, he states. Lewis photographs in color using Canon digital cameras and 4 x 5 cameras and is a Canon Explorer of Light Emeritus. Learn more about Lewis at www.lewiskemper.com Light, Color and Composition – Photography isn’t rocket science! | Photography Seminar Into the Darkness | Photography Seminar Meeting Location: St. Johns County Pier, 350 A1A Beach Blvd. THURSDAY 3 TO 4:30 P.M. Price: $100 | Max. No. People: 20 | Difficulty Level: All Levels Join Lewis Kemper for a sunrise session on the scenic beach of St. Johns County Ocean Pier. Lewis will talk about shooting for HDR; getting the best composition, shutter speed choice, depth of field and the possibilities of using neutral density filters for long exposures. Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Classroom 1 FRIDAY 3:30 TO 5 P.M. Price: $25 | Max No of People: 30 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate If you pay attention to the basics of light, color and composition and learn how to use these elements to your advantage, your photography will improve. Learn how to use color relations to help you compose, just as your line, shape and form. Taking good pictures isn’t a matter of equipment, it is a matter of seeing and capturing what you want to convey. Stepping back and reinforcing how to get great captures will elevate your images to the next level. Into the Eye of the Sun | Field Workshop SATURDAY 6:15 TO 8:30 AM Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Classroom 2 Price: $25 | Max. No. of People: 30 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate Night photography requires some special gear - tripod, camera, remote shutter release or intervalometer, bubble level, white balancing tools, and/or CamRanger. Lewis will demonstrate these tools and talk about techniques for making night images that include shooting stars, cityscapes, HDR, high ISO, creating motion with zoom, panoramas and more. Expanding your Creativity with Time/Motion Techniques | Photography Seminar Into the Darkness | Field Workshop Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Classroom 3 SUNDAY 1 TO 2:30 P.M. Meeting Location: Magic Beach Motel, 50 Vilano Rd. Price: $25 | Max No of People: 30 | Difficulty Level: All Levels Today’s outdoor photographer has many options for expanding your creativity be- yond that of a simple exposure. Using techniques such as Long Exposures, both day and night, we can now make photographs that dazzle the viewer. By using strong neutral density filters in the day we can capture motion in still images. Night photog- raphy of the stars, along with light painting, open up whole new areas of creativity. Time lapse allows us to conden ͔ѥ͡܁٥܁ȁݽɱѡЁ́ЁѼ)ѡɵ͕ٕȸ%ѡ͕́ͥԁݥɸЁɕЁѥ́ȁɅ)ͥ䁙ѕ́܁Ѽձєɔݡͥѡeԁݥɸ܁Ѽ)͡Ёѥ͔ѡЁԁɽ́Ёѽѡȁ́ݕ́Ʉѥ͔)Q!UIMdQ<@4)Aɥ耐ԁ5ก9Aձ1ٕ ȁѼ%ѕɵє)AЁȁѽ́ѕՕ́Ѽ͔ɥѡ̵́9ЁAѽɅ)]ɭ͡)M՝ѕȁ1QɥɄɕє͡ѕȁɕ͔ȁѕمѕȰՉٕݡє)ѽ̰ȁ Iȸ)!͕́ѡ ]ɭ͡)5ѥ1ѥɅ ѱȁAɬMѠ)I%dԁQ<4)Aɥ耐59Aձ1ٕ1ٕ)չɥ͔ѡݥѠͽ9ɗéЁѥ̄ɥѡ)ݽɭ͡׊eٔѡչѼɔͥՕѕ́ѡ͕́͡)ѡɽ՝ѡٕ݅́ѡ͡ɕݥѠ1ݥ́-ȸ()ѥم=ɝȁ9єЁ]ɭ͡]݅ЁԁѼ䁅ɸ́Ս́ԁ)ȁݽɭ̸͡QɕɔЁ́хЁѼɥٔɱ䁅ٔȁȁɕ)ѼͼԁЁ́Ёȁѡɽݽɭ͡ݥݥѠє)ٕ٥܁ѡՉЁѕՕ̸M՝ѕȁ́ɔՑݥѠݽɭ͡