Florida's Birding & Photo Fest official guide 2018 - Page 11

S T E P H E N I N G R A H A M PHOTO: STEPHEN INGRAHAM Stephen Ingraham has been celebrating the wonders of the natural world with a camera for over 50 years. A survivor of the film, SLR, and bag of lenses era, he has chosen to work almost exclusively with digital superzoom Point and Shoot cameras for the past decade. His work has been featured in many national and local publications, and is seen daily by up to 75,000 followers on Social Media. His most recent print article, on bird photography with Point and Shoot Cameras, appeared in the November/December 2014 issue of Bird Watcher’s Digest. His point & shoot Nature Photographer web site features both instruction and inspiration for aspiring bird, wildlife, macro and landscape photographers (psnp.lightshedder.com) “Photography should be fun, and photography is about sharing. Modern digital cameras are pretty amazing. Let the camera do all the work it can so that you can concentrate on seeing what is worth celebrating, and deciding how to share it.” (Steve was also the Birding and Nature Observation Product Specialist for ZEISS Sports Optics for the last 12 years.) Point & Shoot at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm | Field Workshop** Field Techniques for Point and Shoot Nature Photography | Field Workshop Advanced and Specialized Modes for Point and Shoot Nature Photography | Field Workshop Meeting Location: St. Aug