Florida's Birding & Photo Fest official guide 2018 - Page 10

A full day of intensive training learning how to consistently produce images that are a cut above. The Comprehensive Wildlife Photographer – a Program Designed to Enhance Both Your Technical Ability and Visual Sense | Photography Seminar (Meeting Location: GTM Research Reserve, Exhibit Hall) SUNDAY 10 AM TO 4 PM (A ONE HOUR BREAK FOR LUNCH)* Price: $10 | Max. No. of People: 150 | Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced *This intense, in depth seminar will begin promptly at 10 AM. There will be a one hour break in the middle for lunch on your own. Participants will meet back at the exhibit hall after and continue until 4 PM. C H A S G L AT Z E R Spend the day with professional photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Chas Glatzer, as he shares the thought process behind the making of an image and the techniques used to produce consistently successful images in the field. If you want to learn how to consistently produce images that are a cut above it is imperative you take control of your imagery. Chas will cover his proactive, in-the-field work methodology in depth, be it birds, wildlife, or any other photo discipline you are guaranteed to forever change the way you approach photography. The faster you are able to assess the conditions as presented and employ the tools and techniques necessary to render the image as desired, the more likely you are to accomplish your goal. There are four things; knowing the fundamentals, familiarity with your equipment, being pro-active, and knowing your subject that are paramount to consistently produce successful imagery. Meter patterns determine exposure. Priority modes change variables. All metering patterns and methods will work, some are simply easier to implement than others in certain circumstances. Learn how and when to use the various patterns and modes to your best advantage. The advantages and detriments of Manual and Av priority modes will be covered at length. Easy to remember tips and techniques will be provided. What matters most is that a pattern or method affords the photographer a consistent means of determining exposure. Chas will provide program participants with a firm understanding of metering fundamentals so that they can quickly make an informed decision, coming away with the envisioned image, regardless of the lighting circumstance. The ultimate goal is to put creative control back into the hands of the photographer. The ability to visualize a finalized post-processed image prior to pressing the shutter is a huge advantage. The post-production techniques illustrated will change the way you expose and think about capturing images in-camera. You will walk away from this program with a renewed sense of confidence; exposure will, regardless of circumstance, no longer be problematic. sponsored by Chas is a Canon Explorer of Light, the group is comprised of the most influential photographers and cinematographers in the world, each a master of their creative specialty. He has been a world-renowned, full time professional photographer and teacher/ lecturer for more than 31 years, and is currently one of the most sought after photographic instructors/speakers in the nation. His work has been celebrated internationally with more than 40 prestigious awards for superior photographic competence demonstrated through photographic competition, advanced education, and service to the profession. Chas owns and hosts “Shoot the Light”® Instructional Photographic Workshops throughout the United States and abroad. His images are recognized internationally for their lighting, composition and attention to detail. His diverse photo background provides workshop participants and seminar attendees with an unparalleled resource. He is a Photography Advisor for a host of institutions, a past Adjunct Associate Professor at Long Island University, custom color lab, and commercial studio owner. An accomplished natural history and keynote speaker at many prestigious events with credits including Explorer’s Club NYC, Audubon, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, Fuji Professional, NANPA, ASMP, CNPA, GNPA, and PPA., He continues to serve on many judges’ panels for both National and International Photographic Competitions. PHOTO: CHAS GLATZER 10 10