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Florida’s Entrepreneurial Community Flourishes with FLVEC With zero cash flow and no customers, all entrepreneur Joshua Watson could along with owning a business,” said Michael think about was the steady job offer on the table. He was at a crossroads: Zaharios III, FLVEC director. “We added the Fight through the uncertainty and pursue his passion, or give up and take the ability for users to connect to each other after safe route. seeing how entrepreneurs engage face-to- face at events like 1 Million Cups and Startup “I called my father who has always wanted to start his own business, but Weekend. The result is an online platform that took the safe job instead,” said Watson, founder of Polk County’s IronRock elevates all entrepreneurs and drives traffic to Software. “I decided to stick with it after our discussion. A year later, the them based on their story of entrepreneurship.” business took off and I’m better off today than I would have been had I taken the comfortable job.” The value of FLVEC’s entrepreneurial community has been realized by more than All entrepreneurs struggle with uncertainty, but not all are fortunate to 300 entrepreneurs from more than 30 counties have the sound advice of Watson’s father. Luckily, a community exists with who are now featured on the website. hundreds of entrepreneurs in Florida who are willing to lend a helping hand. Entrepreneurs from all industries in all stages of business are encouraged to participate Earlier this year, The Corridor’s Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center (FLVEC) at www.flvec.com. redesigned its web presence to showcase the stories of entrepreneurs from across the state. The profiles are more than just light reading. They offer “Many people start businesses that are all encouragement, opportunities for potential partnership, guidance for tough about them making money and extracting decision-making and more. funds, said Watson. “Zig Ziglar said you can have anything in the world you want as long “We started FLVEC to help entrepreneurs find resources for permitting, as you first help others get what they want.” securing funding, hire employees and the many other things that come florida.HIGH.TECH 2017 7