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“We see these photos of kids trying out the experiences for the first time. The move downtown should be complete in 2022. They’ll take off the headset, look at their parents and their jaws just drop. Those kids now believe that they can be an astronaut and start to ask Looking Forward questions about what they can do to get there,” said Patel. “We achieved brandVR, has already begun research and what we intended: we wanted to entertain them, teach them and spark development of VR and AR technology, aiming their curiosity.” to make it more affordable and accessible to companies for marketing purposes. It envisions VR isn’t the only way to engage kids in science and Tampa’s Museum of guests virtually touring hotels and theme parks Science & Industry (MOSI) is set to find new opportunities. It will temporarily before making a purchase. close its doors August 14 and reopen November 18, 2017, in a renovated and smaller space, but with new concepts to help transition to new space “VR and AR provides a greater opportunity to 11 miles away in the city’s downtown. delve into and learn about an experience,” said Patel. “If you take the creative storytelling that “This is the next step toward transitioning to a new world-class MOSI in Downtown Tampa,” said incoming MOSI Board Chair Robert Thomas, CEO of Two Rivers Ranch. “We’re going to be asking for everyone’s ideas - we want them theme parks already possess and marry it with this new technology – to me, that’s the pinnacle.” brandVR, ThemeWorks and Birket Engineering believe enhancing the guest experience is a great motivator for attractions. The line between reality and fantasy may soon become blurred. to dream and envision how their new science center will help Tampa Bay get ready for the challenges of the future.” 78 florida.HIGH.TECH 2017 “Anything [HܙX]Y][]][ۈ[BY\\\8'HZY\] 8'[ܙH[[ܙK\B\]8&Y[H[X[H] [H[] &x'