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“I don’t like reinventing the wheel, especially if Fletcher has seen high school students win jobs over college students people have already done a lot of the ground because they knew proper laboratory techniques. She is hopeful to see the work,” she said. “It’s like Biotility was five or six widespread adoption of BACE because of the career options it affords those years ahead of us in having the conversations with the credential. with industry, academia and high schools about the skillsets these technicians should “The value of BACE is that it has been industry validated in other states, have.” said Fletcher. “It serves as a benchmark for s Y[ۈZ\\Y\]^H[ YH]\Y[HX\Y ][H[XXH܈Y[”[Z[\K[^\HPH\XZ[[ٙ\[[HH܈\^YX\[]]H[\H[^\܂Xۚ^Y\[\[X[\ۙ[[]\K'B܈ܚٛܘHܛ [XH]\\\Y[Z\و[XH]]\[]ܛ[[[K[[]H\[XYH]]Yۈ[\][ۘ[[][]HYH[^X]]H\X܈و^[[ۈ8$^[8$\\\[XYܚYH[HܜY܋HP̈[S[Y[ۘ[[\[XYH^[H[^\\YX\'[[X \H\HHXܘ]ܞB\ۙ[ 8'HZY]\8'H\X[H[\\YHH][و]Z[]\[XYY[]Xܘ]ܞHܝ[ۈوHPWK\H\[H\X[H^]YX]\]XY[]ܞH[ܛX][ۈ\[H\ ][[[[H][][ۋ[H]Hۛ[BY[][ۜ˸'BZ\™ܚYKQ P M