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When Zachary Pamboukas, 8, rode a bicycle with his new bionic arm for the first time, he had trouble sitting up straight on the seat. He was used to having his back hurt as he leaned forward to balance himself on the handles. Pamboukas was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS). ABS occurs when a part of the fetus becomes entangled in strands of tissue from the amniotic sac surrounding the baby in a mother’s womb. In Pamboukas’ case, the tissue or bands restricted the growth of his arm past his elbow. DRIVING THE FUTURE OF HEALTH CARE On Christmas Day 2015, he received a bionic arm from Orlando’s Limbitless Solutions that would change his life. Limbitless is a nonprofit organization that grew out of a student effort at the University Central Florida (UCF). It is focused on affordable solutions for children in need of bionic limbs. Since children are in a constant state of growing, bionic limbs need to be replaced often which drives up the cost. Limbitless has curbed the financial burden with 3-D printing. “Is it Legos?” Pamboukas asked that Christmas morning. He builds 8-bit-style characters out of Legos. “When I got the arm, I was like wooooooooah. It was really cool.” The bionic arm is modeled after Spider-Man – his favorite superhero. florida.HIGH.TECH 2017 69