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State of Florida Property Management Association

It can be a great leap of faith to venture into the uncertain waters of becoming a board member in your building or community, often that venture can be a lonely and challenging one. However, an important fact to remember is that you never truly have to do it on your own. That is where networking and strategic partnerships come into play and why they can be so vital.

Simply put, through the courses offered you can expand your position. Leveraging the expertise, skills, and advice for you and your communities through these events, meetings, and seminars. The valuable lessons and sometimes unexpected opportunities arise with your new knowledge, hopefully things go smoothly and can expand your customer base.

Courses offered to Community Associations, HOA’s, Board Members and SFPMA members throughout the State of Florida. These lively, interactive and informational courses can be found on our Upcoming Events Calendar, some include refreshments many are approved for board member certification or manager continuing education credits. (ECU Credits)



A property manager is typically in charge of conducting all business-related duties involved with rental properties.

A property manager is responsible for working with Realtors, landlords and tenants; all aspects of leasing a residential, industrial or commercial property; maintenance of the property and its grounds; keeping all financial records for a property, including tax information; and marketing a property to ensure full capacity. Property managers may work with health care facilities, senior housing projects, government-subsidized public housing complexes, general apartment complexes or individual properties

Become a property manager. After high school graduation, take courses in management, accounting, business administration, law and finance. Earn a college degree, if possible. You stand a much higher chance of getting hired as a property manager if you possess a college degree.

Become a certified property manager. By doing the coursework for this certification you may learn best business practices, techniques for managing commercial and residential properties, leasing laws and property rental law. Many states require that property managers become licensed.

Become a Property Manager

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