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The Florida Rising Magazine was started to bring the great companies that work together in our industry to light. We focus on many main topics and bring these to our industry.

Many of the writers are the professionals that are respected in our industry, these leaders have been working together bringing helpful in site to the Condo, HOA and Property Management Industry right here in Florida.

As the Publisher i over see each edition and guide this so every member, leader gets published, We revolve the free listings and try to place our members on those pages. All Paid Ads are given the top spots in each edition. We do ask our members to write articles submit information to us, they are the experts and we value you. Take a moment each month and send us information let us help you with your promotions.

The March Edition is packed with information you will find helpful. Running your buildings takes education, asking questions and doing homework. learn about new products and services you find on our pages, bring them back and educate the rest of the board members on what you have leaned, Then put into practice what you have learned and make you association the best it can be.

~Frank J Mari

Executive Director SFPMA