Florida Rising Magazine FRM March 2019 - Page 60


Benefits of hiring a

Management Company


State of Florida Property Management Association, serving the Community Association Management.Condo and Management Industry. Bringing together building owners with the right Property Management Service and Businesses throughout the State of Florida.

We understand the importance of having Income real estate to you and your family. We are here to help you with the selection process when hiring the right company for the management of your property. Your Community Association Manager will make critical decisions on your behalf making it extremely important that you do your homework during the hiring process.

1. Get in fights with other tenants or neighbors.

2. Have Domestic Disputes or

Conduct illegal business in the dwelling.

3. Carry on all night parties and revelry.

4. Try to sneak extra people or animals into the home.

5. Decide to sue you, Trash the property.

6. Refuse to pay rent because they are a "professional tenant" and know how to work the legal system for the maximum amount of free housing at the owners expense?


Dealing with Day to Day Operations

We all like to think of ourselves as level-headed and even-keeled, but at the end of the day it takes a special kind of person to deal with the ups and downs of Rental Property.

Behind the seemingly simple task of collecting rents and fees every month lie a number of unpredictable problems that can push people to their limits. Ask yourself how you would react in the unfortunate event that tenants and owners:

We get calls every day asking us who should they use to manage they're investment property

Many Investors Choose our members for their properties management. SFPMA