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Saglo Development Corporation (Saglo)


Clients choosing to work with Saglo Development Corporation experience first-class customer service standards as tenants of our South Florida shopping centers. Our continued success depends solely on your success, which is why we endeavor to develop and implement long-term business objectives and goals that ensure mutual satisfaction and prosperity.

Property management is personally handled by our team of experienced professionals who have worked in the commercial leasing industry for many years. As a valued member of Saglo, you will not be subjected to an incompetent, unskilled third-party management company. Instead, property management needs are consistently attended to by proactive individuals with the authority to make informed decisions favorable to the growth of your business.

In fact, nearly 75 percent of our tenants have elected to remain with Saglo for over five years, an exceptional rate not shared by other South Florida commercial leasing companies.

What is Property Management?

Property management of a commercial site involves everything from remodeling and repairs to assisting with the financial aspect of operating a business through a commercial leasing company. Because Saglo clients have an advantage over other customers who chose to lease through companies that hire third-party property managers, you do not have to worry about receiving expedited, professional reinforcement from our experienced representatives.

Saglo Development Corporation (Saglo) is a Miami, FL – based privately-held commercial real-estate development business that specializes in the acquisition , renovation and active management of its’ prime neighborhood and community shopping centers. Saglo is committed to the success of its retail partners; and is committed to making its properties a destination of choice for all consumers.

777 Brickell Avenue

Suite 708

Miami, FL 33131


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